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Making sure we leave town

Spotted these dudes at the train station in Santa Margherita. It was a lovely morning again - about 26 at 9.30am. I tend to take the photos of police cars and police when Sarah isn't watching.

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I started another business

Starting a new business here with gelato - it's warmer down here which is great. I'm sure that being seasonal I could probably look at taking winters off!

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Nice on a warm evening

Sarah's sister said to try this type of wine while we are over in Italy. It's called Prosecco - sparkling white wine served chilled. Weather on the last night was lovely and warm and we had dinner outside again.

sunny 26 °C


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Crowds at the beach

Monterosso village beach on a Sunday in summer. I told Sarah not to bother taking togs to France/Italy cause it may not be hot enough. She has reminded me quite often about this suggestion and it's flaws. Temps all week between 28 and 37.

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Cheeky little fishing boat

I thought this would be an ideal little boat for a number of people I know!

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