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To Genoa by train - first class

sunny 25 °C

About 2 hours by train with lots of tunnels and small towns along the way. We booked first class on the train on this leg - funny thing was that when I booked the journey the first and second class rail fare was the same. Forgot to mention we went through 12 road tunnels the day before coming into Menton. All the towns are squeezed in between the sea and the mountains around this part of the coast. It's another cloudless warm day - it's 9.30am and 25 degrees. More history trivia - Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa ( Genova if you're a local )


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Dropped off at Gare de Menton

sunny 30 °C

Dropped the car off at the railway station this afternoon. Did about 2700km on our French trip and it certainly helps having a diesel car because the cost is way cheaper. Tomorrow we wake up in France and go to bed in Italy - this holiday of ours is going too quick! Nearly forgot about the history lesson re Menton. William Webb Ellis ( dude who invented rugby ) is buried here. Not sure when the blog will be updated cause the accommodation in Santa Margherita Ligure has no wifi.


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Anybody want to go halves?

sunny 30 °C

If you didn't like the colour of any of these there were lots more of these in the harbour! The best way of getting around Monaco is on a scooter as we found out - you get passed on corners, narrow roads and both up and down steep streets by fearless teenagers.


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Next stop Monaco

sunny 30 °C

If you think the folk in Antibes have money just drive a few minutes along the road to Monaco. Couldn't find anywhere to park the car which was a pain - I'm not sure what people do with their Ferraris,Mclarens etc when they need to park. I spotted about 7 exotics ( cars that is ) while driving around. Monaco is the second smallest country in the world and the most densely populated.


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Dropped by Antibes for a look around

It's been way cooler today - about 30. Neither of us had been to Antibes before so we called in. It was busy like most coastal places here. Has to find a car park then wandered down to the harbour. There's lots of boats and lots of money here.

sunny 30 °C


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