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Issues with the rental car in Avignon

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Some low life took part of our passenger side mirror while we were at a pay and display parking area. There was no damage to the rest of the mirror or clips that hold it in place. Took it to Avignon Peugeot and they were great - €58 for the part,painting and fitting. It did mess up our day a little but I'm sure the rental car mob would have cost way more to repair the damage. We've been to Avignon before and it's old and quite historic - quite unique as Rome ( Catholic Church ) moved here around the 1300's and 7 Popes lived here during that time. There'll be more history stuff on our next stop Menton. People that are not interested in history can doze off now!


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Really nice outdoor dining

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After much discussion we went for a 500ml bottle of rosé. Didn't know they had bottles that size. I'd had a couple in the afternoon before coming so hence the discussion. Had a cold vege soup entre ( gazpacho ) with a small basil flavoured cream dollop. Sarah had a melon,tomato,lettuce,prosciutto and mozzarella salad. Yum. Nice Mediterranean flavours. Headed home after 9 pm and the temps down to 25. Goodnight all - we've had a great day!


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Having a quiet one late afternoon

It's been a cloudless day and temps around 31. It hasn't been this warm so far on the trip and you feel like going a little slower. We have to have a bit of a tidy up then it's dinner.

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What do you do after shopping

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You work up a good appetite that's what you do. There's a good selection of places to eat here which we haven't got at some smaller places we've stayed at. The buildings and presentation here are quite amazing. Sarah is looking out for B and B places we could own - walking back to the car today she noticed an old building that needed tarting up and wondered if that would be good. I reckon it would be be great! Having a lazy afternoon with a couple of glasses of wine - it's the best. Graeme and Rowena - the wine is from Pecharmant ( Merlot type from near Lalinde/Bergerac area and the years that are good are 2009 and 2010 for any French red )


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Food stalls everywhere

I would really like to buy fruit,veg,cheese,herbs and other food items at markets like this. There is an unbelievable selection.Going to Pak n Save in Glen Innes is not quite the same.

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