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Passed Carcassonne

Looking quite stunning going past in the car. Bit tricky at 130km. Didn't stop this time but maybe on the list next time to visit.

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Tried a local dish - cassoulet

Not bad but wouldn't have it too often. They served the meal from a bowl at the table and there was heaps more left at the end I couldn't even get close to finishing. Sarah was no help - doesn't like beans.

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Not easy sharing with cars

There's about 1100 population here in Cordes sur ciel. You go into shops or stand on people's front step when the road get too narrow if locals pass you in their cars going up. We had 3 go passed us - must have been rush hour!

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Cordes sur ciel

We walked up to the top around 5pm - about 28c today and still quite warm even late afternoon. It was way quieter looking around after all the day trippers had gone.

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More France odds and ends....


We both loved the St Emilion area and if you like merlot type wines this will be the place for you to visit. An average vineyard here is around 7 hectares and land is worth up to eur2 million a hectare. There is no shortage of vineyards here ( 860 ish ) although many don't take visitors. There's about 200 km of underground tunnels that store wine in barrels in this area.

Quick question - our bathroom taps have a " F " on one tap and a " C " on the other so what tap is hot and which is cold?

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