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Good tv choice for the bedroom

We thought it would be a good replacement for the Thomson's bedroom tv! It's a Samsung 78inch curved screen.

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One happy camper at the Apple Store

Visited the Apple store in Palm Desert to get Sarah's iPod touch fixed - wouldn't hold its charge. It was way quicker getting it sorted while we were here than from home. It's also a great store to look around.

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A warm afternoon!

Don't know if the car we rented has much margin of error with its temperature gauge, or it is just picking up temp of road. It was quite a warm afternoon. Getting back to Auckland weather will be a shock.



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Ruby's malts - yum

Sorry Scotty - every time you order a malt my mouth says chocolate and the word cherry doesn't come out no matter how hard you try!

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Interstate 10 about 20 minutes before Palm Springs

There's a huge wind turbine farm ( about 2700 units ) near the off ramp of the interstate. The Coachella valley opens up passed that point with Palm Springs and 5 others cities virtually joined together.

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